Welcome! Congratulations in taking the first step to obtain remarkable writing services. Whether your sixth-grader’s English paper needs revising or you are a publication needing articles, Sean is the “Wright” choice! She composes and proofreads/edits everything from flyers to web content to press releases. Some people like to crunch numbers; Sean enjoys crunching letters.

Ms. Wright Neeley truly believes in the power of the written word to impress or disappoint. In other words, every written interaction you have adds to or detracts from your brand. Allow her to help you solve all your written communication problems, putting your best foot forward on paper.

You don’t have to be an expert in English to know the difference that clear and grammatically correct writing can make. How many times have you gotten solicitation in the mail with a typo? Like most of us, you have probably thought, “Gee, if this company is that inattentive to detail in their coupon/flyer/brochure, what does that say about their level of service?” That’s Sean’s ultimate goal: to eradicate those embarrassing moments for companies, or give written communication a professional edge that is crisp and well-executed.