3 Probable Reasons You Aren’t Mr. Right


Are you or someone you know often sans female company, even though you’re the nicest of guys?  Maybe, just maybe, you or your friends are one of these guys at one time or another. . .

Mr. Unrequited Love.  It’s clearly obvious to everyone else that the objects of Mr. UL’s affections are uninterested.  Nonsense, Mr. UL rationalizes; women’s rejections are simply code for men to try harder.  Thus he spends crazy, uncalled for amounts of time brainstorming ideas to win over elusive women.  Even his cronies’ wise and direct counsel, “Dude, she’s just not in to you!” doesn’t faze him.  In more extreme cases, Mr. UL isn’t sobered to the fact his crush doesn’t have mutual feelings until she marries another man, or has slapped him with a restraining order.  (Whoa!)  In turn, he ignores attention other women give him; they neverseem to be his type.

Mr. Unicorn Chaser.Mr. UC is Mr. Unrequited Love’s cousin, as he too is chasing a fantasy.  He searches in vain for that woman who will live up to the airbrushed images of actresses or models.  Mr. UC’s dating history is littered with women he broke up with when he discovered they had cellulite, a pimple, or some other imperfection.   It’s too painful and way too boring to believe that celebrity women have ginormous help in the looks department with a team of hair and makeup artists, filtered lights and personal trainers.  So he chooses not to; so he keeps searching. . .and searching.

Mr. Spread Too Thin.  Mr. STT gets major brownie points for his full life and heart of gold.  He works late when asked to, may be a Cub Scout troop leader, volunteers at soup kitchens, helps his friends move, and house sits for his cousin.  But for the woman he tries to date, it can mean his being habitually late, or cancelling altogether because “something came up.”  Sadly, Mr. STT is often left shaking his head after he’s been dumped for the fifty-eleventh time, puzzled as to why he keeps meeting women who aren’t more flexible.  And why, he also wonders, do women get so annoyed when you tell them you’ll pencil them in on your calendar?

No worries if you recognized yourself or friends in the descriptions above.  Taking the first step to improvement starts with admitting to past mistakes.  After you figure out howyou keep screwing up with women, figure out why.   Take a break from the dating game until then.  And one thing – the most important thing — the three aforementioned types have in common is they’ve taken all the fun out of dating.  Don’t forget to have fun out there.

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