5 Tired Movie Plots


I know, I know.  It’s cynical to write this article because movies are for escapism.  But some cliché scenes in movies are just as soggy as popcorn with too much butter. Take a look at the top five I wish would show up less:

A girl is too dumb to tell a guy is in drag.  Every gender-bending movie is guilty of this, it seems, from Sorority Girls to Juwanna Man, women just aren’t smart enough to figure out that the deep-voiced, bulky-built “homegirl” is a man.  There’s always a scene when he approaches her as a real man.  The closest she comes to figuring it out is narrowing her eyes, tilting her head and slowly saying, “You remind me of someone.”  Excuse me, but if my male relatives put on a dress and wig, I’d know it was them!  Kudos to Mrs. Doubtfire, for a comedy like that well-done.  

People are caricatures.  You have your mean blonde cheerleader, your Goth girl, your snobby yuppies, your wise black woman friend, your bitter single woman in her 30s.  The protagonist is the only person who has any depth.  Let’s face it, movies need some colorful characters for dramatic flair.  But ironically, normal people can be complex, too.  Less is more when it comes to caricatures.

No consequences.  Maybe this sounds like a Sunday school teacher, but people in movies are rarely held responsible for misbehaving.  People slug their bosses before they quit or make an appalling scene at a funeral.  The former employee never gets a court date for assault and people simply gasp and shake their heads at the troublemaker at the funeral.  Kind of a dangerous message to send to our children who can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality: do whatever you want; nothing will happen.  (Gasp)  

People are always in the mood.  I’m not dumb.  I know sex sells but sometimes it’s just ridiculous where they insert make out scenes.  The whole city has been burned to bits and the hero and the woman kiss in the end.  Come on.  Do you see people on the news after some horrific event kissing and groping?     

People never call the authorities.  I’m all for bravery but sometimes it’s best to let the police handle matters.  Movies like The River Wild and Disturbia were great but the characters chased villains with no training or weapons and apparently no brains.

Are there any movie plots that you’d like to see less of?  Please share.