Wise Guy Typos


LeadershipTypoImage courtesy of Beverley Wright

Wow. The real leadership tragedy is the typo in “tragedy.” Where’s the “r?” My eyes and heart hurt when I see a typo or misused phrase in a slogan that’s meant to convey wisdom or vision. More of my all-time favorites:

  • Good rittens. (Should be: Good riddance.)
  • A mind is a terrible thing to lose. (Should be: A mind is a terrible thing to waste.)
  • It takes two to tangle. (Should be: It takes two to tango.)
  • For all intensive purposes. (Should be: For all intents and purposes.)
  • I will never step foot in that place again. (Should be: I will never set foot in that place again.)

These mistakes remind me of the old game telephone. They get passed around and around until the original message or correct spelling gets lost in translation. I am the first to admit that words of wisdom and idioms (figures of speech) can be tricky. However, it pays to take the time to say and write them correctly, no matter how obsolete and awkward the original saying is. Because when you have errors in your words of wisdom – whether they be typos or misused phrases – you are like the cobbler’s children with no shoes! I regularly visit the site http://www.idiomsite.com/. Feel free to as well.

Happy reading and writing, my friends!

Sean C. Wright is the author of the short stories Hazel Hogan and Devil Does Dallas. She is also an editor. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit http://www.iwrightaway.com/.


Send me your typo images! Snap pictures and email them to msseanc@aol.com. They must be real pictures and not images in online links, as those might be doctored. I’m looking for the real McCoy. Conceal the company’s identity if possible. No sweat if you can’t. I’ll hide the name before I post it. We’re not looking to embarrass but to educate.

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