Apostrophe Angst



Image courtesy of James Otis

Mr. Otis sums it up pretty well: “The care for clothes that money cant buy?” Yes, that pesky apostrophe. But isn’t this laundry a business that cleans clothes in exchange for money? Do they refuse to offer the very best care? Or do they sell all but the very best care, which they give or barter away? Of course the phrase means that here one finds the very best care, but, punctuation aside, is just cant…

Pesky apostrophe indeed. An apostrophe is a small character that makes a big difference. In regular speech and writing, I have heard and seen “I could care less” when it should be “I couldn’t care less.” And I am sure you have witnessed misuse with “its/it’s.”

Occasional apostrophe scenarios are matters of preference. Some people write “1960’s” when others write “1960s.” I write “the Jones’ house” while others may write “the Jones’s house.” What are some of your apostrophe pet peeves or questions? I open the floor to you.

Happy reading and writing, my friends!

Sean C. Wright is the author of the short stories Hazel Hogan and Devil Does Dallas. She is also an editor. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit http://www.iwrightaway.com/.


Send me your typo images! Snap pictures and email them to msseanc@aol.com. They must be real pictures and not images in online links, as those might be doctored. I’m looking for the real McCoy. Conceal the company’s identity if possible. No sweat if you can’t. I’ll hide the name before I post it. We’re not looking to embarrass but to educate.

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