Typos For Sale




 Image courtesy of Beverley Wright

I discovered the first typo in a catalog mailed to my house. Wow, it looks as if the other “o” in “photo” is camera-shy! The second image is riddled with transposed letters – “crispy” and “healthy” suffer from typo terror.

Finding typos in advertising copy is disconcerting. Word nerds such as myself have been known to contact the company and alert them of their errors. For Average Joe or Jane, it usually induces an eye roll, perhaps a chuckle, and a toss of the solicitation into the nearest trash bin.

We may sell things on smaller stages than these folks, like with Craigslist or eBay ads, but typos taint the most attractive product information. It’s a stream of conscious thing: sharp grammar and spelling bring something extra to the most run-of-the-mill items for sale. Take it from someone who has written copy selling everything from eyeglasses to evening dresses. What are some typos you have seen in sales copy? I look forward to your comments and stories.

Happy reading and writing, my friends!

Sean C. Wright is the author of the short stories Bubble Bath Twelve, Hazel Hogan and Devil Does Dallas. She is also an editor. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit http://www.iwrightaway.com/.


Send me your typo images! Snap pictures and email them to msseanc@aol.com. They must be real pictures and not images in online links, as those might be doctored. I’m looking for the real McCoy. Conceal the company’s identity if possible. No sweat if you can’t. I’ll hide the name before I post it. We’re not looking to embarrass but to educate.

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