Vexed Verbs



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Oops-a-daisy. “Good deals” has a singular-subject verb. It should be “good deals do not last.” And “drop’s” doesn’t need an apostrophe. Anyway, using the wrong verb form is not as prevalent as other grammar mistakes, but it does indeed happen. Most common:

  1. They was coming for a weekend visit. (They were coming.)
  2. There was a lot of weeds in the yard. (There were a lot.)

It appears that differentiating verbs from a singular or plural subject is the issue, as is the case above. It’s the opposite of what we think: plural subjects need singular verbs and vice versa. Example:

  1. Mallard ducks live in the pond behind my house.
  2. The mallard duck lives in the pond behind my house.

See how the singular subject gets the verb with an “s” at the end? Remember that rule, and you’ll be right as rain! Here’s a cheat sheet for good measure:

Subject Verb
We Do/are/were
They Do/are/were
I Do/am/was
She/He Does/is/was


In closing, here’s an article I wrote of late as a guest blogger. The Interview Coin’s Other Side: Tips for Employers
by Sean C. Wright

Happy reading and writing, my friends!

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