Lab Results: Wrong Word, Man


Patient Lab Rules

Photo courtesy of Sharon King

Holy syringe! This lab sign does not have typos, but is loaded with poor grammar. I think they mean “only the person having blood drawn,” or “only the person having lab work done.” Unless, of course, you can “draw lab” and I just don’t know it. And where’s the punctuation between “point” and “thank you?”

It’s a case of a related but incorrect word getting into a sentence. Here are others I have noticed:

  • It takes two to tangle. Yes, you need more than one thing to tangle, but the correct saying is “It takes two to tango.”
  • Escape goat. Animals do get out of gates, but it is “scape goat.”
  • Hunger pains. Some hunger is so intense that it is painful, but sorry, everyone. It’s “hunger pangs.”

These phrases are even trickier to get right because not only will spell-check not catch them, dictionaries don’t list whole phrases. I recommend Google for looking up these expressions. Are there any phrases people say or write incorrectly that make you cringe? Tell us, please.

Happy reading and writing, my friends!

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