Book Review: Habeas Corpseus

Habeas Corpseus Cover

Title: Habeas Corpseus

Author: P.R. Johnson

Summary: Shot in the head. Staked through the heart. The constant perils that challenge a zombie or vampire can make life miserable. Such an exhausting existence implodes when you’re cured and trying to re-invent yourself into mainstream society. Private Investigator Sam Frome is anachronistic, bitter, misogynistic, ex-zombie. When a lie causes his best friend to put a hit on him, Sam finds himself saddled with an abrasive ex-vampire partner who demands his respect and the case of a lifetime. Dwelling in a city where most of the citizens are either recovering vampires or zombies, Sam and his new partner must navigate a maze of Mafioso, black budget government agencies, and corrupt politicians to save not only themselves, but the city from certain annihilation.

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Habeas Corpseus is a wild, delicious ride about a supernatural, gritty city. Mr. Johnson takes a risk, and makes it work, combining horror, a detective novel theme, humor and non-stop action. I enjoyed the red herrings and colorful characters. The sexual tension between Sam & his partner, Lauren, was electric.

Sam, the ghoul gumshoe, is completely believable as the tragic-yet-heroic protagonist. You feel for him every time he self-medicates with alcohol while remembering the past, but cheer how he keeps his senses sharp and sense of humor, as he kicks butt and takes names.

The tale is also sprinkled with latent statements about politics and class. The vampires vs. ghouls vs. howlers makes the reader think about how closely we resemble these creatures in society – in real life. We may not nurse ourselves at people’s necks, but we nurse ourselves with vapid consumerism, and follow twisted leaders in trance-like states, like werewolves do lunar cycles.

I look forward to seeing more from Mr. Johnson.

Happy reading and writing, my friends!

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