Shade-of-Blue Spelling Blunder


Turquoise MisspellingPhoto courtesy of Tamara Stokes

The people who wrote this probably meant no disrespect to this stunning, aqua stone, spelling it phonetically. But in their defense, “turquoise” does sound like it should be spelled like these other words that do have a TE as the first two letters:

  • Terrible
  • Terrific
  • Terrace
  • Terrestrial

So how do you remember how to spell “turquoise” correctly, if you have no dictionary access? Easy. “Turquoise” and “turkey” both have the same two letters. Some turkeys have turquoise feathers. It’s a crazy mnemonic device, but it works.

What words are hard for you to remember how to spell? And what mnemonic devices do you use to spell them correctly? I open the floor to you.

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