Oh No Typos Presents: AR or ER?



I saw this on a menu. “Tartar” is one of those words with an ending that sounds like “ER,” but is really “AR.” Some others that people confuse the “A” and “E” in:

  • Separate. The middle letter is an “A.” The way I remember is that there is A RAT in “separate.”
  • Lavender. People often end this word in “AR.” The way I remember the “E” at the end is that lavender is a flower. They both end in “ER.”
  • Category. The middle letter is an “E.” How do you remember? “Catty” sounds like “Cat-e.” You’ve just spelled the first 4 letters correctly.

Can you think of more? Also, what are some funny or appalling typos you have seen? I open the floor to you. And please feel free to see me expand on this issue in my blog post  3 REASONS PROOFREADING IS A NECESSARY POSITION

Sean C. Wright is the author of 7 books. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit https://seanarchy.wordpress.com.


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