Toni Morrison: A Tribute

I was deeply saddened by the death of literary genius, Toni Morrison, last week. She is the reason that I am a writer. My goodbye letter to one of the most prolific writers I have ever read:

Dear Toni,

I met you when I was 13. My mother’s book club was reading The Bluest Eye, and passed it on to me after she was done with the copy. I couldn’t believe how you took such disturbing subject matter and made it poetic, compelling, and even humorous at times. Those gems at the heart of such a painful tale hooked me to your lyrical style. I still have that copy from 1985. It’s falling apart. People tell me to get a new copy, but I can’t. It’s like the first present your soulmate ever gave you, and you won’t part with it.



I followed you through Beloved, Song of Solomon, and Sula, and Love. Even though Oprah’s movie version of Beloved didn’t do well in theaters, I was still in awe of how it bolstered your ability as a storyteller. You were the camp counselor, telling me a story by a campfire, and I was a rapt child, slack-jawed with attention.

You famously said that you should write a book that you don’t see on shelves, and that is just what I do. You didn’t get published until you were 39, and I didn’t until I was 38. You put the pen in my hand, and made me believe in myself, as a storyteller.

Your death last week was hard to take. I totally understand that you had been called home because you were done here, but I will miss you and your fantastic tales. Maybe I will see you in the next life. We can have coffee and talk books.

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The Bluest Eye remains one of my favorite Toni Morrison books. Find out more about it here.

Sean C. Wright is the author of 8 books. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit



I’m pleased to announce the release of my 8th book, Skoll’s Diary.

Africans and African Americans left Earth in 1900, and went to another planet in The Milky Way to escape mistreatment…

It’s now the year 3005 on that terraformed planet. We get a peek into the life of a bright and sensitive teenaged boy, Skoll, through his journal. He loves his world, but is curious about life on Earth. Then suddenly, an epic event casts him in the middle of a difficult decision.  The fate of the planet’s community is in his hands.

Get the book here. I’d appreciate your leaving a review if you read it. Thanks in advance!

Afro-Sean-Commission-Final copy

13 thoughts on “Toni Morrison: A Tribute

  1. Crook's Eye View says:

    I heard about her death. I admit, I’m not as well read as I’d like to think. I haven’t read any of her books yet. 😦 …But they are now on my reading list. I will also have to check out Skoll’s Diary. It’s fantasy/sci-fi, I’m guessing?

    I’ve recently decided, after much tribulation with trying to find an agent, to go the indie route. I’m wondering what platform you are using? What do you find the most user-friendly and profitable? I’m thinking of using Lulu. Just curious to find out from other authors.

    I had considered Create Space but the monstrous might of Amazon is scary lol and I don’t want to get screwed over! I had considered just riding it out ’til I got an agent, but I realized (after researching a bit) that I might lose a lot of the freedoms, creative rights, and ability to assist in publishing. So, indie it is!

    • seanarchy says:

      Yes, Skoll’s Diary is sci-fi. I think you’ll enjoy it. :o) Toni’s books are magical, but unapologetic. She delves into subject matter that isn’t warm & fuzzy. Just thought I’d warn you.

      I use Create Space. They take a fairly big bite in royalties, but it’s user-friendly. Never heard of Lulu. Let me know what you find out about it.

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