Flash Fiction: Auschwitz Forever


A concentration camp survivor visited my tenth-grade history class, as a guest speaker. It had quite an impact on me. Some of the facts in this story are indeed what this man told us bug-eyed teenagers. This short story you are about to read is my way of bringing justice to those who were affected by one of the most incorrigible crimes in human history. If you are squeamish, you may not want to go any further.

Auschwitz Forever

By Sean C. Wright-Neeley

It was always the same, but different. He woke up in the barracks, every morning. This time, he was a Jewish man. The Star of David on his prison uniform told him so. Today, they had him and the other prisoners, clearing a field in the snow. He tried as hard as he could to conceal his cold, but a Nazi guard heard him cough and sniffle. They had no use for the sick, or the weak. He was marched to the gas chamber with other emaciated prisoners when they got back to the camp.

The next morning, he was a Gypsy woman, upon waking. He had red hair, something Dr. Mengele found fascinating. What gene caused red hair? The “doctor” needed to study all her reproductive organs. He removed them all, plus all her minor organs, too, in the experiment: her appendix, tonsils, and gall bladder. He welcomed death this time.

The next day that he woke up in the barracks, he was the Jewish man again, but the flickers of his real past life bled through. His wife’s name was Ava. Or was it Eva? They lived in a tight, secretive place before this nightmare started. But why couldn’t he remember the gap in between? But he knew one thing for sure: he didn’t belong there. He had been someone important. Maybe he could get to his money, and bribe them out of this nightmare if Ava/Eva was still alive.

There was a Nazi guard there who didn’t seem too cruel. He cooked up enough courage to ask the young officer with light-brown hair and gentle, hazel eyes if he could speak to him. He asked about Ava/Eva. Is she here? Could you find out where she is, if she’s still alive? The guard stared at him a moment, then asked him to come with him. He felt hope; something he hadn’t felt in months.

They went to one of the buildings, getting curious glances from the other ragtag workers in the camp on the way. The guard opened the door for him with a smile. Something told him not to go in, but what could be worse than his present situation? He walked in, and the door immediately shut behind him. He whirled around, once inside. It wasn’t a barracks. It wasn’t a gas chamber. It was a boiler room. He squinted into the sweltering steam to see a creature, sitting at a desk. It had a goat’s head and scarlet skin.

“Hey there!” the creature said. “It has been a while. Come on in,” he said in a familiar tone in the man’s own tongue: German. The man reluctantly took a step closer.

“I-I came to ask about my wife. I have money…”

The creature laughed. “You ask this every once in a while. Your wife, Eva, is dead, and so are you. You’re never getting out of here. You gave me the idea for your hell. Bravo! It’s worse than anything I ever created. I just ran with it, making you wake up, every day, as people you victimized and murdered. Sometimes, you’re a Jewish man. Sometimes, a gypsy woman. I am thinking of making you a homosexual man tomorrow; a Jewish woman on another day. Sometimes, it’s the gas chamber; sometimes, you will be experimented on. Sometimes, the guards will shoot you, as you work, for the fun of it. Now go back out there, and get back to work,” Satan growled, pointing his cloven hoof towards the boiler room door. “You’re dismissed, Fuhrer!”

Sean C. Wright is the author of 8 books. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit https://seanarchy.wordpress.com.



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14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Auschwitz Forever

  1. Short Story Scribe says:

    I took a class in college, History of the Holocaust, it stuck with me all these years. In a few paragraphs you convey so much.
    I think this is a novel in the making, there are so many layers, and so much depth to explore.

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