Flash Fiction: Do Not Disturb


Do Not Disturb

By Sean C. Wright Neeley

I thought my people loved me. I gave my last speech in the communal relief-carved temple, and they cheered. My guards flanked me, as we walked back to my royal chambers. I recall the desert sun beating down on my bald head, and the sandal on my clubbed foot, dragging through the blazing sand. I wasn’t hungry, come evening. Maybe my upset stomach was foreboding of something horrible? I refused the roasted bird, fruits, and vegetables on the banquet table, and only sipped beer from an ornate bowl. I then prepared for bed. As I sat at my dressing table, removing the kohl from my eyes, someone struck me from behind. Gone; just like that, at about nineteen years of age. Was it a treasonous guard? A family member? I know not. I loved my people. Why didn’t they love me back?

As if my murder wasn’t disrespectful enough! People rushed in where I rested.

They removed my gold death mask.

They took my lifeless body to study how the priests and physicians removed my organs, sewed it back together, and wrapped me in honey-coated linens.

They removed my personal belongings – art, furniture, jewelry, weapons, chariots. Even my walking sticks.

Disrespected in life and death. You can’t do this to me. I am the son of King Akhenaten. Grandson of Amenhotep II. I am King Tutankhamen of Egypt, and the gods will get you for this.

This short story pretty much wrote itself. I really believe that I was an Ancient Egyptian in my former life, as this story was so vivid in my mind’s eye. I devour documentaries and reading material on Ancient Egyptian life and about “the curse” of King Tut’s tomb, raided in 1922. Thus, truth has been ingrained in this tale, like The Boy King’s clubbed foot and a head wound that they think was possibly fatal. I hope you enjoyed it. Check out my other flash fiction here.

Sean C. Wright is the author of 8 books. For more information about her writing skills and how she can assist you with yours–business or consumer–visit https://seanarchy.wordpress.com.



I’m pleased to announce the release of my 8th book, Skoll’s Diary.

Africans and African Americans left Earth in 1900, and went to another planet in The Milky Way to escape mistreatment…

It’s now the year 3005 on that terraformed planet. We get a peek into the life of a bright and sensitive teenaged boy, Skoll, through his journal. He loves his world, but is curious about life on Earth. Then suddenly, an epic event casts him in the middle of a difficult decision.  The fate of the planet’s community is in his hands.

Get the book here. I’d appreciate your leaving a review if you read it. Thanks in advance!

Afro-Sean-Commission-Final copy

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