***99-Cent Ebook 11/12-11/14: Glo Ro Saves Best Treasure Chest***

Today is the last day to redeem this offer.


This is a young adult novel, but adults will like it, too. Get Glo Ro Saves Best TreasureChestin ebook form from 11/12 – 11/14/19.

4.5/5 stars: Glorious is unique, inquisitive and an old soul. What teenager takes the time to help her local thrift store owner? Glorious does! 

5/5 stars: Glo Ro Saves Best Treasure Chest is told from the perspective of the title character, Glorious Day Roberts, a high school student with an eye for detail that Sherlock Holmes would envy. What is great about this story is that Ms. Wright immerses us in the character of the teenager. Glo is precocious, but she is still a kid and we are reminded of this by the frequent tangents she goes off on – exactly as a normal teenage person does. As she is conducting her investigation, something catches her attention and Glo is momentarily off the case…

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