Lady Rougepen Says: The Devil’s in the Details

There was a famous hiphop song that once stated, “My mind’s playing tricks on me.” Some proper nouns & words do exactly that. Here are some that can “get” you if you don’t pay attention.


Looney Tunes Looney Toons

Jif peanut butter Jiffy peanut butter

Playwright Playwrite

Sugar Suger

Espresso Expresso

Pharaoh Pharoah

Froot Loops cereal Fruit Loops cereal

Double Stuf Oreos Double Stuff Oreos

If you ever use these tricky words, or company names, in formal writing, ensure that you double-check their spelling. I know I do. What are some of your favorite tricky words or names?

I’m pleased to announce the release of my 8th book, Skoll’s Diary.

Africans and African Americans left Earth in 1900, and went to another planet in The Milky Way to escape mistreatment…


It’s now the year 3005 on that terraformed planet. We get a peek into the life of a bright and sensitive teenaged boy, Skoll, through his journal. He loves his world, but is curious about life on Earth. Then suddenly, an epic event casts him in the middle of a difficult decision.  The fate of the planet’s community is in his hands.

Get the book here. I’d appreciate your leaving a review if you read it. Thanks in advance!

Afro-Sean-Commission-Final copy

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