Flash Fiction: The New Guy


The New Guy

By Sean C. Wright Neeley   

I noticed him immediately. He arrived here too soon, but they say the higher power knows best.

He was beautiful in varying shades of purple – violet, amethyst, and lavender.

He was diminutive, but fit.

He had flawless caramel skin and large, hazel eyes. The eyes had it. They were intense with a mystery I never wanted to solve. He had a beauty mark on his left cheek – the period at the end of a sexy poem.

I knew of him before he came here, but he knew nothing of me. I decided that I would go talk to him on a day that he looked especially stunning with the clouds swirling around him in all his purple glory. His guitar hung casually from his shoulder.


“Hello.” His voice was especially deep; nothing like the falsetto I had often heard in song before.

“I’m Laura…”

“Prince,” he said with a shy smile.

“I know who you are. I-I was listening to your Sign O’ the Times album when the drunk driver struck my car. I only got to hear two songs. I was wondering if…uh.”

“You’ve been here since 1987?”


He smiled his cat-ate-the-canary smile, and put his guitar into playing position. “Say no more, Laura.” He performed his whole album for me. And all the angels gathered around to hear the small, beautiful man in purple play his guitar.

This short story is a tribute to one of the most prolific entertainers who ever lived: Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016). He was one of my favorite musicians, and his untimely death left me flabbergasted. He would have been 62 this month. Here’s my goodbye letter to Prince, as well. https://seanarchy.wordpress.com/2020/04/21/goodbye-prince-2/


I’m pleased to announce the release of my 8th book, Skoll’s Diary.

Africans and African Americans left Earth in 1900, and went to another planet in The Milky Way to escape mistreatment…

It’s now the year 3005 on that terraformed planet. We get a peek into the life of a bright and sensitive teenaged boy, Skoll, through his journal. He loves his world, but is curious about life on Earth. Then suddenly, an epic event casts him in the middle of a difficult decision.  The fate of the planet’s community is in his hands.

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Afro-Sean-Commission-Final copy